Statement by the Academics for Peace – Germany



June 21, 2022

Dear members, friends and followers,

As the Administrative Board of the association Academics for Peace – Germany, we would like to share with you a development which we are convinced threatens our sense of unity and solidarity as well as our security, with the aim of preventing its recurrence.

Kamuran Akın is one of the Peace Signatories as a PhD student at the time. He received academic, financial, legal, and social support from our members and our association during and after his arrival in Germany. However, one year after his arrival in Germany, he severed all relations with our association. According to the testimonies of those who know him, it has been confirmed that the aforementioned person has long had behaviors and statements about Academics for Peace and our members that are damaging to their safety and are conflicting with our ethical principles.

Most recently, on June 6, 2022, he threatened one of our female members with death during an argument. We would like to state that Kamuran Akın is not a member of our association, has no relation to our association, and we stand by our threatened member and the necessary steps are being taken sensitively.

With solidarity,

Administrative Board of Academics for Peace – Germany