You can show your solidarity with Academics for Peace e.V. by becoming a member or providing financial support.

There are also various other ways by which you can stand together with Academics for Peace.

  • Sign the petition to support the targeted boycott on complicit universities in Turkey;
  • Inform your professional organizations and university senators to take action against complicit institutions, such as The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK)
  • Contact if you want to attend the trials as an observer, or write to a human rights organization to send a delegate;
  • Support dismissed scholars financially through Academics for Peace – Germany.
  • Share and spread this call for solidarity; show your solidarity by following up on the trials, commenting on them in your blogs, social media and/or writing a news article. For more info on the latest attacks on academics in Turkey, please visit Academics for Peace main page or see this report.